Getting the Right Virtual CFO

“It was nice to have a presentation where it didn’t feel like you had only looked at the papers for five minutes before coming in.”

That was the feedback we received from one of our clients after the first board meeting we attended to provide a financial update.

We are different – we are picky about our clients, and we choose who we will work well with and who we can add value for. The quote above nicely confirms our approach.

Why have a Virtual CFO

Boards often have weak spots in the skill set and background of the Directors; often this in the area of finance. Whether you are a building firm, architect or trust company, the need for financial understanding is at the forefront of decision making. We work with you to ensure we pitch our updates at the right level for you. We don’t commoditise our work, and that is why we add such value through bespoke reporting.

Larger companies may need a full time CFO, but many small and medium sized business just don’t have that requirement. But, the importance of a finance voice around the decision making is essential. Engaging us will not just bring the senior expertise to your leadership team, but also a team to support in all aspects of financial management of your business.

Outsourcing for Regulated Business

Our background in fiduciary management accounting, client accounting and bookkeeping means we are well placed to support regulated entities in managing their finances. Regulatory requirements such as the Financial Resources Requirement Rules mean the understanding we bring ensures you keep your eye on the metrics that matter, managing your finances to stay fully compliant.

We build a relationship with our clients, and often sit on site with our client businesses to ensure we are bedded into the company. Whilst we have the resources to always work remotely, sitting as part of the team in client offices allows for synergies and a greater understanding of the client’s business.

Outsourcing for Non-Regulated Business

Whilst non-regulated businesses are not under the same pressures to comply with complex rules, the need to keep on top of finances and allow them to influence decision making cannot be underestimated. Many entrepreneurs and business owners need to be released from working on finances for their business to focus on the work they want to do.

We offer multiple levels of support ranging from simply preparing annual accounts and tax returns, bookkeeping and invoicing, regular financial updates and reporting, budgetting and virtual CFO services.

Find Out More

We would de pleased to discuss your requirements and see if we can add value to your business. Get in touch by calling 01481 710899 and we can arrange a meeting.